To much money is bad

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To much money is bad

Pocket Shares A lot of people think that consistent saving is good and does no harm but saving too much money can be bad.

This post explores the negative sides of excessively saving. Not a lot of people will even try to change their spending habits to save additional few dollars towards their savings and retirement accounts. I always say that saving should come on top of the list of what to do with money.

You may get laid off knock on the wood. You may find yourself spending thousands of dollars because of unforeseen repairs in your house. You may even win the lottery, that is, if you are playing the lottery. There are so many things that you have no idea can or will happen. One of my beliefs in life is that anything in excess is bad or unhealthy.

I have yet to find an example that anything done excessively can still be beneficial. This leads to the question of whether saving too much is bad. Many would say that the answer is a big no. While I do believe that saving is important, saving excessively has its own drawbacks as well.

In my own vocabulary, the negative effects of saving too much, if quantified, are tantamount to those of spending too much or saving too little. Your tomorrow is never promised You may find yourself saving a lot of money.

You can be the poster person for saving but tomorrow never promises anything for you. Something imminent or devastating may happen to you.

You may die in your sleep, you may get hit by a fast driving car, or slip in the bathtub and go into coma. It is true that the money you saved can help you with medical expenses. Your money will surely help your loved ones, charities, or any other entities you designated to receive your money if or when you pass away.

My brother was a successful businessman who amassed his fortune through his business and through saving a lot but he died early. No matter how rich you are, you will never bring all your belongings to your grave. Again, tomorrow promises us nothing.

Miss out some fun in life Saving a lot of money is one of the best ways to worry less about the future. But saving too much money can prevent you from experiencing the fun things that life offers.

To much money is bad

Back inI was reading an article about this lady who went to the extreme of budgeting. I had to find the article again to make sure I got the information correctly before I use it in this blog post. Luckily, I found the article. Her name is Alder Wicker and she was obsessed with budgeting and saving money.

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Too much money is considered bad because many people having it forgets how to respect and be grateful in life. They take everything in life for granted and feel superior. The average American’s commute to work is minutes each way, according to a report in USA Today.

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The Art of Money – Financial Therapy for Your Soul. - Bari Tessler