Macro environment of air asia

Hire Writer By taking advantage over the shift of consumer spending pattern from full service airlines to Low Cost Carriers LLCAAA saw a growth in terms of profitability and market share even in a negative economic condition.

Macro environment of air asia

Order now The factors of Macro-environment suggest that there is a huge scope of growth for Eurasia in Asia. The huge population with rise in middle class and a lot of disposable income together with the absence of affordable forms of transportation post a high demand for Eurasia as a low cost airline.

Air Asia Macro-Environment - Research Paper Example :

It is also anticipated that due to the rapid arbitration trends the air travel market will continue to grow at a fast pace. The geographical structure of Asia which is archipelago will also contribute to the air transport.

Macro environment of air asia

By using this model, it can be concluded that the overall supplier power is quite high due to limited number of suppliers and monopolizing of the industry by only Boeing and Airbus.

But, relatively poor performance of airplanes in the recent past has countered this.

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The global crisis has led to reduction of planes up gradation and limited new entrants into the market.

The buyer rower is reasonably high: Additionally, it is quite easy and rather involves no cost to change from one airline to another. Eurasia with its low operating costs has a competitive advantage over its rivals.

But there may be an unrealistic price war in the future due to more competitors entering the market. The geographical structure of the Asian continent makes reiterate the most efficient, convenient and viable service.AirASia have been actively promoting itself not just an ASEAN brand, but as a local brand.


It has used every crisis in the region to build a sense of ownership among consumers in its host country. (AirAsia Financial Report ) Conclusion.

The macro-environment analysis indicates that AirAsia’s business model and marketing strategy. Not only does Air Asia manage to increase the number of passengers carried every year, they also managed to increase the amount each guest spent on items.

Related Essays Macro&Micro-Environment of Air Asia. AirAsia’s head office and itsmain base is the Low Cost Carrier Terminal at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. This terminal handles % ofAirAsia’s traffic (see appendix 2).

AirAsia is the leading low-cost carrier in the world and won the Skytrax awardfor Worlds Best Low-Cost Airline in and The Micro environmental factors that have contributed to the EARLY success of AirAsia The Macro environmental factors that have contributed to the EARLY success of AirAsia The macro factors that would affect AirAsia's performance in the current competitive environment The Company: The Company: consists of the top management, operations, finance.

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