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Stitcher What is Debitize? Liran founded Debitize to help simplify, optimize, and automate personal finances, especially around credit card spending where he witnessed a significant need. However, building credit is important, and Liran wanted to create a tool to help people use credit responsibly. Before founding the company, he was an Executive Director at JPMorgan, where he spent nine years as a derivatives marketer, focusing on structured credit, exotics, and cross-asset hybrids.

Listen to the end review

Your studio had to have some coin to afford Prism, but the engineers always say it was worth the investment In recent years, products such as the Firewire-based Orpheus recording interface, as well as a series of USB-connected recording products, have put Prism squarely in the forefront of serious home recording quality, maintaining a sonic edge.

Based on a few days of testing and use, this First Listen preview gives an overview of the Callia, as well as a bit of hands-on time. I will author a more in-depth review at a later time, but readers will note that I am impressed by this DAC.

That is Stellar with a capital S! A series of LEDs lights fleshes out the front panel including input indicators: The DSD sample rate is indicated by either the non-illumination of the 2X light 2.

When a bit recording is played, the bit light does not glow at all. You have to do a bit of multiplication in your head to know exactly what sample rate you are playing beyond I connected the Callia to the Apple laptop and commenced playing.

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I also listened to various bits of hi-res music via headphones. Having heard the prototype at CES and having reviewed the Prism recording interfaces that utilize the same DAC chip, I was sure that I would like the sound of the Callia in my various set ups. My assumption was quite correct.

Everything sounds brilliant My positive impression never wavered — no matter what kind of music I threw at it.

Listen to the end review

Pop and Rock sounded good as well. Using Audirvana from the Mac, the Callia had no problem decoding the files. It did, indicating bit by turning the bit light from blue to red — just like it should. But just from these initial listening sessions, the Callia is as good as I expected. From my brief, few days of listening, my initial impressions are that the Callia is a classy, open, detailed-sounding DAC with plenty of width and depth in the stereo presentation.

Click Callia for more info. Any unauthorized use, via print or Internet, without written permission is prohibited.Review: FOCAL Listen & Listen Wireless.

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It may not feel as high end as Focal’s high end headphones, but solid marks here for looks and build. Comfort on the Listen is only so-so, I am afraid. The review of the Listen and the Listen Wireless continues on Page Two of the review.

Sarah, Jamil, and Eric get together to review the best runners, performances, races, media trends & more, then we make predictions for End of Year Review and Predictions for in December, we recorded our year-in-review and predictions for episode with Jamil Coury.

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Aug 07,  · Focal Listen Impressions and Review Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by delance26, Jul 22, Page 1 of Focal managed a near ideal balance between enough low end to give singers depth in their voice, but enough treble to give them a life-like edge.

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A review of the week with the latest news. What to Listen to; First night of the Proms, review: a bold and imaginative musical expression of the end of WWI 4. Save4/5.

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