Gau mutra business plan

Gau Mutra Ark Kamdhenu Ark. It is not only holy but also has various important medicinal uses. Classical treatises in Ayurved i. Charaka, Sushruta and Vagbhata Samhita has described Ashta mutra eight types of urine along with their properties, indication and formulations.

Gau mutra business plan

Nevertheless, it has yet to be reflected in the school curriculum even at the primary level of pedagogy. During the early fifties Kashmiri was, no doubt, introduced in the schools of the Valley, from the I to the V Primary, not only as a subject of study but also as a medium of instruction.

But the experiment was discarded, soon after, as unfeasible on the lame excuse of a clumsy script. Systematic implementation of the project was progressively postponed on some plea or the other. It was argued that Kashmiri could not be introduced as long as the demarcation of areas for teaching Dogri and Punjabi in the Jammu Gau mutra business plan was not finalized; and the finalization was intriguingly delayed and delayed.

gau mutra business plan

The scheme was, meantime, nipped in the bud. What, apparently, was viewed as an administrative concern, however, turned out to be a tacit dread of pressurizing by political chauvinism.

Chauvinists were in fact, haunted by misconceived notions of identity-building in isolation. The dread was that the Urdu language would be considerably dislodged from the socio-cultural bases occupied by it during the Dogra period when it replaced Persian as the language of administration.

What was forgotten, conveniently, was: They are, otherwise, likely to superimpose some linguistic features of their mother tongues on the Urdu language they would per force learn as the first language which it, actually, was not.

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The mother tongue, obviously, has not to be taught; what has to be taught is the script in which the mother tongue is written. It would afterwards, be easier to learn the sounds peculiar to Urdu without allowing the mother tongue interfere with the phonetic exercise involved.

Confusion arises mostly because more than one script is over- ambitiously taught to the helpless child during a single term. A number of scripts can, nevertheless, be playfully learnt one after the other allowing enough time to practise the use of one script before another is taken up.

Before we consider the pedagogical strategy in detail, however, a glance at the linguistic criss-cross of the State may throw up some relevant perspectives.

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At the first glance the criss-cross appears to be quite dauntingly complex: Alongside the broad operation of what is historically recognized as the prominent language of an area we find some other languages and dialects also spoken in a particular circle, strip or pocket of the area concerned.

An Introduction to Spoken Kashmiri Occasionally some of the dormant scctors of speakers suddenly wake up to a refreshing stroke of sociocultural aspiration or political ambition. That is what has been often happening and has recently happened in the case of Gojri and Pahari.

The New Kashmir blueprint had as early as rightly guaranteed rehabilitation of all the neglected tongues of the State.

Let us now take the State area wise.

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The Valley has Kashmiri, by and large, with strips or tracts of Gojri, Shina, Pahari and Panjabi, mostly linked together by a smattering of Urdu. Linguistic contiguity and exchange, occasionally, gives rise to a mixup like what is popularly labelled as the Sikh-Kashmiri and the Gujar-Kashmiri.

Kashmiri is spoken by over thirty one lakhs of people in an area of over 10, sq. Though concentrated mostly within the Kashmir Valley it has a few sizable pockets across the Pir Panjal range also, particularly in the Doda district.After distillation, take the distilled water and mix a small proportion of ” Gau Mutra”(cow’s urine).

Store it in a bottle and spread the water inside every rooms of the house during Tuesday, Friday, Full moon day and new moon day. For example, a few sentences from the report are quoted below – Ramdev’s business has boomed since the BJP took power.

Revenues at his consumer goods enterprise are soaring – from about $ million in the financial year ending March to more than $ million in . Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

Politics. Modi Needs Kama Sutra, Not Gau Mutra (Cow Urine). Sep 22,  · Even though the Graded Response Action Plan is already in place in to combat air pollution levels in the capital, Delhi government plans to go a .

gau mutra business plan

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