Can you write a wikipedia page about yourself

If used properly Wikipedia can be a very effective online marketing tool for manufacturers and distributors.

Can you write a wikipedia page about yourself

You could write a bestseller or come up with a major scientific discovery and the world would most certainly notice. Someone would write a Wikipedia entry for you.

Fortunately, Wikipedia is written by people like you and me, and so there are tons of mediocre people just like you and me who are writing their own over-hyped articles on Wikipedia as we speak. And even if you did have the talent to do something worthwhile in life, why would you take the trouble anyways?

It is much easier to become notable through Wikipedia than to become notable and then get on Wikipedia. Here are the steps to creating your own autobiography on Wikipedia: Start websites with legitimate-sounding domain names.

In the mafia, you need a shop to act as a front.

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In the web popularity game, you need to get your name out on Google by posting comments with your name on as many websites and blogs as possible and starting a few fake websites of your own.

Steal html templates if you can. If it looks similar, it is just as good. Make a list of important-sounding fake publications. This is the most important step.

For example the essay you wrote on the cow in primary school should be written up as A post-modern analysis of the sociological and economic importance of Bos indicus var.

That way later if your article is tagged for deletion, you can always challenge the Wikipedia editors. If they dispute the South Asian part, tell them they are perpetrating colonialist stereotypes. If they attack the science, appeal to the art. No one on the planet understands both Derrida and Bose-Einstein statistics.

It is as easy as By putting some very esoteric words in the title of this article, I am enhancing my own reputation as a pundit. Web agrregators will pick it up and soon enough I will be known as an expert in Deconstruction, quantum mechanics, Sufism, and yoga.

Always use Roman numerals for volumes and throw in some French or Latin if possible. If challenged to produce your work, say that it was originally written in a now-extinct Andamanese dialect and that the editor is being a racist, Eurocentric pig.

Create an account on Wikipedia. Without one, editors will flag your IP address. For example, if you know that Achtung is not the sound of a German sneezing, mention on your page that you have native-level comprehension of the German language.Aug 07,  · You shouldn't make a Wikipedia page about yourself.

If you want to write something about yourself, and to write your autobiography or reflect on yourself, try MySpace or Facebook. Or, try LiveJournal if you're in for some serious Resolved.

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By leveraging Wikipedia, you can help control your brand and present yourself to the world. If you do not already know the stats behind Wikipedia, here are a few that should consider if you are thinking of creating a Wikipedia page.

can you write a wikipedia page about yourself

Sep 11,  · How to Write About Yourself. Be confident, believe in yourself, and you can do anything. Focus more on personality traits and talents, and less on physical appearance.

Start by brainstorming and writing down words that you feel describe you, and elaborate from there%(65).

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You can’t find any information about your technology or topic in Wikipedia. This is what prompted me to suggest that I should create a Wikipedia page for my client’s technology.

To learn more about what topics Wikipedia considers notable and worthy of inclusion, read Wikipedia’s article on Notability first.

Writing an autobiography on Wikipedia is an example of conflict of interest editing and is strongly discouraged. Editing a biography about yourself is acceptable only if you are removing unambiguous vandalism or clear-cut and serious violations of our biography of living persons policy..

Wikipedia has gone through many prolonged disputes about the . The biggest reason to avoid a Wikipedia entry is that once you finally achieve one, it stops being your own.

You might have created it, but everyone else can edit it.

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